Magical Bubble Bath – Use for a magical bath or foot soak … let your mind wander to the joy you felt when you took your first bubble bath … and if you can’t remember, then make a new memory!  This represents the element of water.

Essential Oil Wish Spray – This uplifting spray was created using distilled water and magical essential oils. Spray it anywhere and use it anytime you want to inspire the feeling of wishes coming true.

Moonstone Crystal – Moonstone represents the earth element and opens the mind to hoping and wishing … inspiration and impulse … serendipity and synchronicity. Harness the magic of the moon – under the night sky, wish upon a shooting star.

‘She used to tell me that a full moon is when mysterious things happen and wishes come true.’

~ Shannon A. Thompson

Wishing Bell – The bell represents the element of air.  Ring the bell to signal the start of your wish ceremony and invite the nature spirits to join you.

Wishing Stones – A magical pouch of wishing stones!!  When conducting your ceremony, toss these magical stones back to the earth in celebration and in gratitude for all she provides. Let your imagination soar … make your wish and find the door.

Beeswax Candle/Wand – This candle represents the element of fire and was hand rolled, scented with essential oils and blessed using the energy of the new moon. The new moon is the ideal time for working with your intentions. Around the candle you will find a spell to use during your ritual. We chose the color purple for this candle to represent fun and creativity. (If using with small children, the unlit candle can be used as a magic wand.)

Parchment Paper – Get still, take a few deep breaths and go within. What is your wish? Writing intensifies the power of your word. After writing down your wish, bury this parchment paper near to where you cast your stones.

Divination Card – A divination card was pulled and placed inside your bag with the intention of delivering a message to inspire you along your magical journey.