Enchanted Bath Salts – This soothing blend was hand crafted with epsom salts, sea salt and a touch of baking soda – then scented with lavender essential oil for added relaxation.  Representing the element of water, a deliciously warm bath or foot soak before bed helps prepare the body for rest.

White Sage Bundle – Sage represents the element of air and is used to cleanse the space before and/or after any ritual.

Essential Oil Sleep Spray – This luxurious spray was created with distilled water and a combination of balsam (eases nervous tension, purifies and cleanses), rosemary (for protection) and lavender (for relaxation) essential oils.  Spay this on your eye pillow, your sleeping pillow and your sheets to immerse your senses – with each spray, slowly inhale and exhale, really breathing in the scent … feel the healing qualities trickle into every cell of your body.

Amethyst Crystal – The amethyst crystal represents the element of earth is a natural stress reliever that also encourages inner strength, peace and spiritual growth.  Place the crystal under your pillow each night to allow its properties to work its magic while you slumber.

Velvet Eye Pillow – This eye pillow was lovingly hand sewn with deliciously soft velvet.  The texture and weight encourages the muscles in and around the eyes to soften and relax.  It also provides complete darkness, so all of your senses can relax and find ease.

Dream Catcher – Dream catchers are traditionally used by Native Americans to recall and work with their dreams. Place this where you sleep, preferably above or near your head to assist you in restful sleep and dreaming.  Our dream catchers are lovingly made for us by Native Americans in North Carolina.

Beeswax Candle – Representing the element of fire, this candle was hand rolled with care, scented with essential oils and blessed using the energy of the full moon. The full moon is the ideal time for releasing what no longer serves you. Around the candle you will find a spell for sleep. Speak the invocation out loud once a night for three nights.

Parchment Paper – Get still, take a few deep breaths and go within. Writing intensifies the power of your word. Use this paper to write down all you are longing to release, preparing your mind and body for the ease of slumber.

Divination Card – A divination card was pulled and placed inside your bag with the intention of delivering a message to guide you along your blissful sleeping journey.