Magical Bath Salts – This soothing blend was handcrafted using epsom salts, a dash of baking soda and a releasing essential oil potion. Use in a deliciously warm bath or foot soak to invite the element of water into your Release ritual. Allow the water to envelop your body and soothe your energy, as you gently feel yourself relax.

Palo Santo Smudge Stick – Palo Santo represents the element of air and is used to cleanse the space before and/or after any ritual.

Anointing Oil Spray – This luxurious spray was created with distilled water and a deliciously nurturing essential oil.  Use this spray to immerse your senses.  Slowly inhale and exhale, breathing in the scent … feel the healing qualities trickle into every cell of your body.

Amazonite Crystal – This crystal carries the spiritual energy of Personal Truth. Amazonite teaches us to love the truth of our inner selves.  It is a powerful healer for the emotional body – it calms the mind and alleviates worries, while restoring emotional balance.  Representing the elements of both earth and water, meditate with this crystal any time you are longing for a much needed float down the river of tranquility.

Journal – Writing intensifies the power of your word.  Use the journal to free-write your thoughts and ideas … including any and all feelings that arise as you begin your journey of releasing.

Three Small Candles – Releasing takes time. We have provided three candles to use on three separate days. Take some time to watch each candle as it slowly burns, representing your conscious releasing and letting go. The first candle is used to cultivate your intention. Burn the second candle to release what you’ve chosen to let go.  Light the third candle and savor this new space you have created.

Pendant Necklace – Harness the magical energy created during your ritual and infuse it into this pendant. Wear it as a touchstone reminder of what you have banished from your vibrational field.

Beeswax Candle – This candle was hand rolled, scented with essential oils and blessed using the energy of the full moon. The full moon is the ideal time for releasing what no longer serves you. Around the candle you will find a spell/invocation to use during your ritual.

Parchment Paper – Get still, take a few deep breaths and go within. Writing intensifies the power of your word. Use this paper to write down all you are longing to release.

Divination Card – A divination card was pulled and placed inside your bag with the intention of delivering a message to guide you along your journey.