Handcrafted Soap – Bathing represents the element of water.  This soap is a blend of earthy masculine scents … use at the start of your ritual and any time thereafter, to cleanse and purify body and spirit.

Palo Santo Smudge Stick – Palo Santo represents the element of air and is used to cleanse the space before and/or after any ritual.

Anointing Oil – For this enchanting blend, we used a base of organic safflower oil combined with cedar wood essential oil. Cedar wood invokes the elements of fire and earth, a true blend of both masculine and feminine energies. The magic of cedar wood dates back to King Solomon, one of the greatest mystics of all time … and is used for the creation of sacred spaces. May the blend enhance the sacred properties as you invoke your Truth.  Use this oil to anoint your candle or yourself prior to your ritual.  Cedar wood is used in solar spells of all kinds and is designed to strengthen and illuminate your focus.

Golden Pyrite Arrowhead Talisman – Pyrite has long been valued as a strong protection stone that shields the wearer from negative energy. The golden aspect of this stone reflects the sun’s ability to shed light into darkness.  This stone helps promote physical well-being and enhances strength of mind and willpower.

Hematite Stone Pendant – The Stone of magicians and  ancestors … hematite enhances mental activity, balances yin/yang energies and dissolves negativity.  Our ancestors also believed that hematite would make its wearer brave and strong willed. Grounding, focusing, centering.

White Salt – Represents the masculine or Yang energy – protection, strength, hard, solid, focused, active … it is associated with the sun, fire, air and the day time

Black Salt – Represents the feminine or Yin energy – slow, soft, yielding … it is associated with the moon, water, earth and the night

Beeswax Candle – This candle was hand rolled with care, scented with essential oils and blessed using the energy of the full moon. Around the candle you will find an invocation for performing your ritual.

Parchment Paper – Writing intensifies your word. Use this paper to write down the phrase or mantra that comes to you during your ritual.  At the end of seven days, burn this paper  … thus releasing and removing imbalances. This will empower you to confidently stand in Your Truth.

Divination Card – We personally pulled a divination card to place inside your bag. This card will deliver a message to guide you along your journey.