I would like to speak briefly to the magic of simplicity and the simplicity of magic. There is magic in connecting, in laughing , in crying and in sharing our stories.

There is magic in hugs and closeness, in starting up again from where you left off as if there was no lapse in time. There is magic in being able to be your true self and loved for being you. There is magic in being able to ask for help and in the giving of comfort. This is the magic of the powerful feminine, the goddess in the god, the god in the goddess.

I went for a wandering yesterday with a dear friend and our pups. It was a beautiful day in its own right but made more so by the company. As we sauntered along we noticed some new spring visitors: songbirds and a friendly toad. We admired the river and one of the pups took a swim while the other watched hesitantly and with longing, a desire for that bravery. I believe that moment illustrates all of us…. we are all “brave enough” for those special talents that come easily and look with awe at the bravery of others gifts. Yet we seldom recognize the fearlessness and the stunning quality of OUR gifts. Sometimes this is because we assume everyone can do what we do because it feels so natural. For example, ever since I was very little I have been able to feel the “emotion” of a house… sad, happy, fearful, if someone had died in an unpleasant or tragic manner, etc. Since I have felt these sensations since childhood I thought everyone could as well. Now this is not an extremely useful talent unless you are buying a house 🙂, but it is mine nonetheless!

My wish for you today is for you to take a few moments to acknowledge and honor YOUR gifts: kindness bearer, witty sarcastic, dog whisperer, spirit conjurer, wind listener, medicine maker, willing ear, body encourager, goddess, teacher, friend.

I want to impress that magic and spells (your words) are yours every moment of every day. Those “muggle” moments are the times we CHOOSE to allow worry, anxiety, boredom, our negative words (spells) – ego – regulate our day. We have the incredible, magical power to change our lives, each precious moment at a time, when we change how we are thinking and speaking. Remember and rely on your special gifts with pride and glory! Remember your bravery and the ease at which it comes to you! Remember your word is your power. Remember that it can be as simple as taking a walk with a friend to reset our thoughts, words, intentions… And owls… owls are magic personified, thank you Olivia.

I honor the magic that resides within you.