Self care, I know, I know, this seems to be a VERY yakked about topic these days but I’m gonna talk about it anyway but perhaps in a slightly different sense. MAGICAL self care… I don’t mean taking care of yourself magically (though that sounds yummy too!) but rather taking care of your magical self. What does that mean? Well to me it means making time for magic, for practicing, for meditation, for ritual, for communion with nature, for communion with ME.

You know what I mean… what feeds your soul? What do you love doing even if others don’t understand or like it or even think you’re nuts? Is it tending a garden? Running? Walking in the rain? Making mud pies? Writing poems? Making up songs? Can you remember? What did you absolutely love doing when you were little? What did your mother have to tear you away from for dinner? Can you remember? THAT or some form of THAT is your magic and it needs some love and care. It needs you and it feeds you.

I find that I become stressed and not truly “in myself” when I don’t make time to nurture what makes me happy and fulfilled. Does that make sense… not in myself? It’s kind of like that Snickers commercial… “you’re not you when you’re hungry”… I’m not me when my spirit’s hungry. We make time for soooo many people and chores and obligations but are we making time for the reason we chose to come into this time and space in the first place?

I want you to know that the magic in me honors the magic in you in whatever deliciously beautiful way you want to express it. So how about a much deserved day for magical self care? I bet you’ll feel fantastic!!

Love and magic ~ Spellbound