Holding the Space…what does it mean to you? We do this all the time without even thinking about it or acknowledging the fact that we are being completely present for another. When someone is thrilled with excitement for the blessings and new opportunities that have fallen into their lap, we hold the space for their joy and expansion to be honored and affirmed. When a friend needs to unload a tragedy, or release the trauma of a bad day and we simply listen and surround them with quiet support, we are holding the space for them to grieve, grow, and move forward.

I would like to share a moment that happened a few weeks ago regarding holding the space for another. I am a daughter of nature and I find my peace and solace in her presence and the cruelty of humanity upon her can break my heart.

As we were driving to work early one morning, we saw a coyote that had been hit by a car on the side of the road. We silently and simultaneously said a prayer for her and then we instantly became silent. Our silence wasn’t planned or discussed but rather an organic response to the death of a fellow being. In the space of silence, it occurred to me that we were holding that very important space for her to transition. We both intrinsically knew when the time had passed and we started speaking again.

We are all born with this knowledge and talent. Let us rekindle this kindness to all beings and ourselves.

So mote it be.