Bees are associated with magic, good luck, health, and prosperity. Honey in itself is a magical gift, it never spoils and has numerous health benefits. And the beeswax used to make candles burn with almost no smoke or scent and clean the air by releasing negative ions that can be found in the air in our homes and businesses.  Beeswax candles are often especially helpful for those with asthma or allergies and they are effective at removing common allergens like dust and dander from the air. Without bees all of us would most surely perish as we would have no food to sustain us. Bees also have an advanced intelligence that I believe a lot of people dismiss. They work together as a cohesive, cooperative unit and intuitively understand advanced concepts. Bees even understand the concept of zero and oneness.  Our perception of other beings is often rooted in our own importance.  We dismiss the small things that embody magical attributes as our preconceived notions put blinders on the the magic in each and every living thing.  Have you ever held a rock or crystal and felt its power emanating to you?  The candles made of the work of bees hold much power and energy.  May your beeswax candles assist you in your ritual, may bees grace your garden and bring you unlimited health and abundance!