Why Isn’t My Spell Working?

The alchemy of magic is the blending of intention, belief, and action. Let’s take a look at each of these aspects and how they relate to spell work. In this musing we will use money as our example, but you can insert abundance in any form: love, happiness, creativity – whatever you wish.

Intention is the desired outcome, what we wish to bring into our reality. Sometimes, however, we “ask” for an outcome that is not realistic and therefore our spell may fail. For example, if my intention is to make $500,000,000 within the year, that is probably not a realistic goal in my life currently. Not to say that will never occur, but it isn’t likely at this moment in time. But if I change my intention to “I am manifesting enough money to pay off my mortgage this year, or to go on that dream vacation” it is actually a much more realistic goal. We can choose to give the Universe an actual dollar amount and add “this or something better” so that even more can come to us! It is imperative to set intentions that we believe will come to pass.

This leads us into Belief and the experiences we have had in our lives that shape our beliefs.

Belief is the acceptance that something is true, real, and we have confidence exists. The antithesis to our spell work in this aspect is a lack mindset. Throughout our lives we have been shaped by our experiences, good and bad. If we grew up in a family struggling to make ends meet or transversely in a family that was miserly or greedy, we may have a anxious relationship with money. In working to manifest that dream vacation we must BELIEVE we are worthy enough and that it is okay to spend the money once it comes to us, on this decadent vacation. We may not even be aware of that relationship on a conscious level but in order to manifest our intentions we need to understand those shadow feelings and our learned responses. It may be helpful to meditate or sit quietly with a journal and think back on our earliest memories and relationship with money. Write them down and do the shadow-work needed to release any belief in lack. There is more than enough for all of us – enough happiness, love, money. When we connect with our infinite nature we recognize that abundance is about living in harmony with our true self and not our tight grip on our learned ego self-talk. We are all worthy and deserving of abundance in all forms and when we start believing that, magic happens.

The last and equally important step in the alchemy of magic is Action, for without action our spells are stagnant, dead in the water!

Action is the force that brings everything together in spell work. In the example of our dream vacation, if we set our intention and believe in the fact that we will achieve the finances but then sit around simply waiting for them to arrive, well that’s not going to work! We need to take the baby steps to show the Universe that we are working toward our goal. This can be as simple as checking out websites of where we want to stay, what island we want to visit. It may include networking with people who have visited our island before and then voila -they have a friend who owns a home there and is looking for a house sitter for two weeks. We may not have expected this particular outcome but our spell has manifested. This is the alchemy of magic – when we blend these three aspects to our highest ability – our spells succeed.

Happy Manifesting!