We can utilize the energy of the new moon for manifesting our dreams and that of the full moon to release what no longer serves us. The new moon is a time of new beginnings, a time for setting intentions, and focusing on the things we want to develop, cultivate, or increase in our life. The idea is to use the energy of the new moon to plant a seed or wish and watch it grow throughout the rest of the moon cycle.


1. The powerful time that occurs within 24 – 48 hours after the New Moon is when you will write your abundance checks.
2. Take some time to really think about what you want to bring into your life, it doesn’t have to be money. Freedom of time, health, learning a new skill, or fulfilling relationships are all excellent choices to welcome in with the new moon. You may even want to manifest a prolific garden or a new pet…the sky’s the limit! Keep it realistic for if you don’t BELIEVE it will come into being, you may bring a mindset of lack that will inhibit the Universe from bringing you anything other than lack and that is not what we are going for here!!!
3. Take a check from your checkbook or draw a check on a piece of paper. It can be fun to draw your own check and add symbols and whatever “account number” that calls to
4. Where it says “Pay to” write your name.
5. In the amount box write “paid in full”.
6. Where you would write a dollar amount write “paid in full”. I find it helpful to write “paid in full” instead of a specific amount because it gives the Universe the opportunity to bring me more than what I’ve asked for, but you can certainly ask for a specific amount if you would like.
7. Sign the checks with “The Law of Abundance” and include “thank you” under the line. Saying thank you in advance sends out the energy of already attaining that which you are requesting.
8. You can choose to leave the date blank or you can put a date on it if you wish to see when the abundance will come to you. Again, be realistic here, you need to believe what you are asking for is not only possible but inevitable!
9. In the memo section, write an affirmation to increase abundance.
• Ease and abundance flow effortlessly into my life.
• I am grateful for all I have and I am open to receiving more.
• I am ready for blessings and abundance to shower down on my life.
10. Sign your name on the back of the check just as you would if you were depositing it into the bank. I also write on the back of the check how it feels and how I am using the abundance I have received.
11. Put your check in an honored place and forget about it until the full moon. At the next full moon or which ever full moon you wish (perhaps the month of your birthday or a few months before your next vacation) take the check and burn or bury it in a special place to bloom.

That’s it! You can write as many checks as you would like for as many different topics that you are working on manifesting. I try to keep it to a few so as not to get scattered.

Happy Manifesting!