How to program and use a pendulum ~

Pendulums are an ancient divination tool first described in early Chinese history. They utilize your personal energy to access the wisdom within to find your answers.

Choosing a pendulum: You can buy pendulums or simply use a chain with a heavy pendant on the end. If you choose to purchase a pendulum, choose one that speaks to you, that you feel a pull toward. The energy of crystals is very powerful so listen to their call.

Programming your pendulum: find a quiet space and hold your pendulum in your hands…get to know its energy and allow it to commune with your energy. When you feel ready and comfortable, hold the end of the pendulum steady between your thumb and forefinger. Ask it a “yes” question that you have no doubt about the answer…for example, my name is Jennifer … Watch the way that the pendulum sways, in most cases for a “yes” answer the pendulum sways north to south but it is also normal for it to sway east to west. Next ask your pendulum a question you know is false for a “no” answer…for example, my name is Ben. The pendulum will sway in a direction opposite from your yes answer…east to west versus north to south. In asking a question that is still in the unknown, your pendulum may circle or form a figure 8 signifying a “maybe” or uncertain answer. You have now programmed your pendulum! This is an energetic tool, make a special place for it on your altar or other sacred space and remember to give gratitude for its guidance.
Blessed Be.