We call in the 5 elements in our rituals and when casting a circle for not only do they connect us with the magical energies of the earth and universe, but they anchor us as we work with the directions.  Placing a representation of each element in its corresponding corner is one way in which we use and honor the elements.  We include them in our ceremonies to harness their power and to create balance within the circle and our spells.

Air:  Oxygen is a requirement for our survival and breath is our personal connection with Spirit.  The other side of Air counsels that if we are always “in our head,” we neglect the wise information from within.  Herein lies the yin and yang of this element.  Air, as with all the elements, has the power to create and to destroy.  It can move as a soft breeze or a powerful tornado.  In spell work, when manifesting something we want to achieve quickly we can utilize the whoosh of a strong wind storm to send our intentions powerfully up to the sky. However if we have a spell that we know may take some time to manifest, we can allow it to blow gently up and flow back to us when the time is right.

Direction  ~ East
Archangel  ~ Gabriel
Represents  ~ Thoughts and the Intellect
Elemental  ~ Sylphs, Air fairies, Griffins
Tools ~ Feathers, Incense, Sage, Bells, Wands, Mirrors
Incantation ~ From the East I call in the element of Air, I invite the intention of clarity of mind, empowering my thoughts…..be with me now!

Fire:  Fire is a source of heat, it warms but also burns.  Fiery energy gives us motivation and helps propel us forward in our goals.  However we too can use our fire to burn others with impulsiveness and unthinking words.  At times fire has a slow burn (we have all experienced that moment of frustration when our fire just won’t light!) and yet in a moment a fire can burn acres if left unchecked.  Use fire for spells that you wish to have manifest in a short period…remember the purpose of your spell, is it realistic to expect it will occur quickly?
Direction ~ South
Archangel ~ Michael
Represents ~ Passions, Creativity, Transformation
Elementals ~ Salamanders (fire fairies, not the amphibians :-)), Dragons
Tools ~ Candles, Sage, Bonfire
Incantation ~ From the South I call in the element of Fire, I invite the intention of transformation, empowering my creativity and passion….be with me now!

Water:  Our bodies are 70% water, water is essential to our very existence, it nourishes and sustains us.  But if we dwell solely in the emotional water of ourselves we can become depressed or unrealistic.  Water heals in the sound of a river flowing over rocks and yet can destroy through the power of floods.  When using water in spell work, cast your intentions into a lazy river for slow flowing intentions or into a powerful ocean or during a thunderstorm for quick acting manifestation.

Direction ~ West
Archangel ~ Raphael
Represents ~ Emotions, Feelings, Mystery and Inner Knowing
Elementals ~ Undines, Mermaids
Tools ~ Water, Wine, Seashells, Cups, Cauldrons
Incantation ~ From the West I call in the element of Water, I invite emotional healing and introspection to go within and embrace my personal truth…be with me now!

Earth:  The Earth grounds us and keeps us rooted.  Mother Nature provides for everything we need…food, water, shelter.  But remember that Earth also has the power of mudslides and quakes, she can be a volatile presence.  She reminds us that when we are living solely in the day to day ego aspect of our lives, we may miss the fantastic miracles that are ever present when we pay attention to the unseen.  We can utilize the Earth element in spells that require time to grow by burying them in the ground with the expectation that they will blossom once the intention has germinated.  For spells we wish to grow quickly, placing the spell in the cavity of a tree or rock for the elementals to disseminate can bring mighty results.

Direction ~ North
Archangel ~ Uriel
Represents ~ Earthly Security, Home, Family, Friends
Elementals ~ Gnomes, Dwarfs, Elves
Tools ~ Stones, Crystals, Earth, Sand, Sticks
Incantation ~ From the North I call in the element of Earth, I invite grounding and connectedness to all living beings…be with me now!

Spirit:  Spirit connects us with the Universe, inspires our growth and transformation, shepherds us along our path.  She protects our every step, advocates for our dreams, provides beautiful synchronicities, and makes the mundane magical.

Direction ~ Above, Below, Within
Archangel ~ Metatron
Represents ~ Connection to Inner Divine, All Beings, Universal Energies
Elementals ~ All
Tools ~ Most importantly –  ourselves, our beliefs, and our intentions
Incantation ~ From Above I call on Spirit to inspire and enlighten me; From Below I express gratitude for my life in this time in space; From Within I honor my sacred power…be with me now!

Fire with Fire ~ Produces an energy of creative inspiration, can also promote hasty decisions

Air with Air ~ Brings about the inspiration to conjure a multitude of ideas, but can also lead to over-thinking a situation

Water with Water ~ Promotes deep sensitivity and emotional depth, can also trigger a lack of focus or dreamy, distracted state

Earth with Earth ~ Fosters grounding and stability, but can lead to  stagnation and inability to move forward

Air with Fire ~ Helps get  the creative juices flowing especially with great new ideas; burns quickly and passionately – but don’t burn yourself out

Air with Water ~ Stimulates rejuvenating ideas, clears and refreshes the mind; take care to stay grounded when working with this combination

Air with Earth ~ Encourages ideas that have staying power and will grow stronger and find a lasting permanence; don’t give up – they may be hard to grasp at first, but these are truly life changing theories

Earth with Water ~ Enhances grounding of emotions, healing body, mind and spirit, a combination for growth; try not to get mired in the “muddy” aspects of your emotions – rise above.

Fire with Water ~ A supreme alchemy – one might think fire and water don’t mix but this is the blending of creativity and emotion- where the most astounding inventions occur; take care to create balance so as not to douse your flame or singe your feelings.

Fire with Earth ~ This combination ushers in the grounding of passions and reclaiming boundaries, a knowing that  your creations are valid and alive; be aware of scorched earth policy, an all or nothing mentality.

Spirit ~ Spirit creates harmony within all of the elements.  She guides our steps flawlessly and with perfect inner knowledge.

When used together and with forethought as to what end we are wishing to attain, balance in the elements is an important factor to magic.