Magical Bath Salts – These bath salts were hand crafted using a blend of epsom salts, a dash of baking soda and enchanting essential oils. Use in a deliciously warm bath or foot soak to invite the element of water into your protection ritual.  Allow the water to envelop you and surround you with a feeling of warmth and security.

Sage Bundle – Sage represents the element of air and is used to cleanse the space before and/or after any ritual.

Protection Spray – This luxurious spray was created with distilled water and the essential oils of mugwort and cedar wood, both of which are used for their healing and protective qualities.  Use this spray to surround your personal field with love and light. Slowly inhale and exhale, breathing in the scent … feel the magical qualities infuse every cell of your body.

Black Tourmaline Crystal – Black Tourmaline is used to both repel and protect against negativity.  It enhances ones physical well being by providing an increase in physical vitality, emotional stability and intellectual acuity.

Black Salt – Black salt, also known as Witch’s Salt, is used in purification and protection rituals.  Black salt drives away unwanted and negative energy.  In your ritual, you may choose to use the salt to cast a circle or simply sprinkle the salt along your doorway to keep your space protected.

Mojo Bag – This magical mojo bag is filled with the dried herbs of rosemary and mugwort. Carry this bag as a talisman to surround yourself with an added blanket of security whenever you feel it is needed.

Dragon’s Blood Incense – Although Dragon’s blood comes from the Dragon Tree, this incense is used to summon the powerful protective energies of the mighty dragon.  Each dragon represents a different elemental energy – fire, water, earth, air.  Invoke the specific dragon energy needed to surround your protection ritual.

Ceramic Incense Holder – Use this stunning incense holder when burning the dragon’s blood incense.

Beeswax Candle – This candle was hand rolled, scented with essential oils and blessed using the energy of the full moon. The full moon is the ideal time for working with and releasing your intentions . Around the candle you will find a spell/invocation to use during your ritual.

Parchment Paper – Get still, take a few deep breaths and go within. In what area of life are you searching for the feeling of protection? Write this down … writing intensifies the power of your word.

Divination Card – A divination card was pulled and placed inside your bag with the intention of delivering a message of protection to guide you.